How to Get Free Primogems?

Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo and published by HoYoverse, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release. This free-to-play action RPG offers an expansive open-world environment, thrilling elemental magic battles, and an engaging gacha system that keeps players hooked. A crucial part of the Genshin Impact experience is collecting Primogems, the game’s premium currency. Primogems are essential for obtaining powerful characters and weapons, as well as replenishing Original Resin. Here’s how you can get free Primogems in Genshin Impact without spending a dime.

Daily Commissions

One of the most consistent ways to earn free Primogems is by completing Daily Commissions. Each day, players receive four Daily Commissions from the Adventurers' Guild, which are simple tasks that reward players with Primogems upon completion. Finishing all four commissions grants an additional reward from the Adventurers' Guild. In total, you can earn up to 60 Primogems daily through this method. Make it a habit to complete these daily tasks to steadily accumulate Primogems.

Main and Side Quests

Another reliable method to earn free Primogems is by progressing through the main storyline and completing side quests. The Archon Quests (main story) and Story Quests (character-specific) often reward players with Primogems upon completion. Additionally, side quests scattered throughout Teyvat also provide Primogems as rewards. By thoroughly exploring the game's world and engaging with its rich narrative, you can earn a significant number of Primogems.


Genshin Impact has a comprehensive achievement system that rewards players with Primogems for accomplishing various in-game milestones. These achievements range from combat challenges and exploration tasks to character progression and puzzle solving. Keep an eye on the Achievement menu to track your progress and claim your Primogem rewards regularly. This is an excellent way to earn free Primogems while enjoying different aspects of the game.

In-Game Events

miHoYo frequently hosts in-game events that offer Primogems as rewards. These events often coincide with major updates and include activities such as mini-games, limited-time quests, and challenges. Participating in these events is not only a fun diversion from the regular gameplay but also a lucrative opportunity to earn free Primogems. Stay updated with the latest events by checking the game’s news section and official social media channels.

Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is a challenging dungeon that provides substantial Primogem rewards. Located in Musk Reef, this dungeon features multiple floors with increasingly difficult enemies. Completing floors 1-8 for the first time grants a generous amount of Primogems, and floors 9-12 offer recurring rewards based on your performance every two weeks. Although challenging, the Spiral Abyss is worth tackling for the high Primogem payout.

Adventure Rank Rewards

As you play Genshin Impact, you will accumulate Adventure Rank (AR) experience points. Reaching certain Adventure Rank milestones rewards you with various items, including Primogems. Regularly check the Adventurer’s Handbook to claim your Adventure Rank rewards. This method ensures a steady influx of Primogems as you naturally progress through the game.

Mail and Promotions

miHoYo occasionally sends out Primogems via in-game mail as compensation for server maintenance, bug fixes, or as a part of promotional events. These gifts are often unannounced, so make it a habit to check your in-game mail regularly. Additionally, promotional codes released during special events or livestreams can be redeemed for Primogems. Keep an eye on Genshin Impact’s social media pages and community forums for these codes.

Exploration and Chests

Exploring Teyvat’s vast world and opening chests scattered across the landscape can yield Primogems. Luxurious, Precious, and Exquisite chests, in particular, often contain Primogems. Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore hidden areas to discover these valuable chests. Exploration not only rewards you with Primogems but also enhances your overall gameplay experience.

Battle Pass (Gnostic Hymn)

While the free tier of the Battle Pass (Sojourner’s Battle Pass) does not directly grant Primogems, completing its tasks provides a variety of rewards, including resources that can be indirectly used to acquire Primogems. For those willing to spend, the Gnostic Hymn (paid tier) offers additional Primogems. However, focusing on the free tier still provides valuable items that can aid in earning Primogems through other means.

Web Events and Contests

miHoYo often hosts web events and community contests that reward participants with Primogems. These events can range from simple web-based mini-games to creative contests like fan art or cosplay. Participate in these events to earn free Primogems while engaging with the Genshin Impact community. Keep an eye on the official website and forums for announcements regarding these opportunities.